Custom Automotive Racks

Industry Expectations

Space is at a premium in the modern automotive plant and cost pressure is intense. Tier 1 suppliers deliver parts and assemblies direct to the line for installation by robots or human workers. Presentation is critical for ensuring easy retrieval without marking or damaging surfaces, and handling must be minimized.

Automotive parts racks used line-side should also handle transportation needs. (There’s no value in removing and restacking parts.) Efficient transport demands part density be maximized, racking weight minimized and damage prevented. Standard packaging solutions can rarely achieve all three — that’s why custom-engineered automotive racking is essential.

Automotive plants run lean, and they expect their suppliers to help. That means delivering product line-side, packaged for optimal ergonomics and zero damage.

Automotive Racks from Basin Material Handling

Well-engineered automotive parts racks hold parts in a way that keeps them secure yet facilitates efficient loading, transport and unloading. Designed for ease of loading at the parts manufacturer, they work with the material handling used in warehousing and truck loading. Once on the truck, they protect parts against damage from vibration (as would happen if they rubbed together) while maximizing available volume and payload.

On arrival at the assembly plant, racks must be unloaded quickly, typically by fork trucks. From the dock, they’re moved to the line, either by fork truck again or often in wheeled “trains” pulled by tugs. Once line-side, racks are positioned from the side farthest away from assembly. At the same time, they must open for easy access by the line-side workers.

Custom parts racks are designed for re-use. This avoids packaging waste and helps automotive manufacturers achieve “zero landfill” goals. Stackability helps simplify truck transportation and storage. For some products, it’s feasible to engineer collapsible rack systems that better utilize trailer space.

Identification is a growing issue in the automotive industry. Stenciling and nameplates are still used, but many Tier 1 and even Tier 2 manufacturers are adopting RFID systems. Implemented on automotive parts racks, these simplify asset tracking and improve record-keeping accuracy.

Re-usable & returnable automotive racking systems are essential for efficiency but must be fabricated with part and customer needs in mind.

Why Work With Us?

Many fabricators will say they can build racking systems. Few have the skills, facilities or experience to engineer truly robust and reliable solutions to specific part transportation challenges.

At Basin Material Handling, each project is managed by engineers experienced in the challenges of automotive racking. From design, the project progresses into prototype development. This allows thorough evaluation and testing, so points of weakness are found and improvement opportunities identified. Only once all parties are satisfied, rack production can begin.

Manufacturing facilities in Michigan, Indiana and South Carolina employ advanced cutting and bending machines and have sophisticated welding capabilities. Assembly adds the finishing touches while careful painting ensures durability. Our skilled and experienced workforce is satisfied with nothing less than the highest-quality workmanship.

Work With the Racking Experts

High-quality custom automotive parts racks are an investment. Engineered to suit the needs of the part and automotive customer, they help lower costs and burnish the user’s reputation for product quality. In short, custom racking from Basin Material Handling could help you become more profitable.

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Basin Material Handling designs custom automotive racks engineered specifically for each customer’s precious cargo. Part transportation and storage is always challenging — we engineer the solutions.

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